Sterling silver

Silver will naturally tarnish with time, you can use a silver polishing cloth to clean high polish surfaces and a brillo pad to clean satin finish surfaces taking great care not to scratch any high polish parts. White finish can be cleaned in silver dip. Then clean with warm water and neutral soap. Oxidised silver has been chemically treated to develop a dark surface finish. Do not use silver dip or a polishing cloth as this will remove the oxidised surface. Over time the darkened silver will buff in raised areas and this will add to the character of the piece. However I offer to redo the oxidised finish in time free of charge (postage fees apply).


Felt is an incredibly strong material. However if you want to clean the wool, use cold soapy water, rub very gently and rinse before allowing it to dry. Caution: do not use any hot or warm water as the felt might shrink significantly.


We do not recommend to spray perfume or to apply cosmetic products onto your jewellery as this may cause tarnishing. Please put your jewellery on last.

We recommend to store your jewellery in separate boxes, avoiding any damp room.

If you are unsure about how to clean your jewellery please contact us directly.